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Our Manufacturing Unit

Our tea storage, blending and packaging operations run in a state-of-the-art factory at Sanjan in Gujarat.

The plant is fully automated. Right from the receipt of the raw materials to blending and packaging, and even dispatches. No human hands touch the food product at any point.

Receipts of incoming bags of tea from the highest ranked gardens - mainly from Assam and the Nilgiris - travel on conveyors to be cleaned and get uniquely tagged with RFIDs. They are then sorted on pallets before moving to our automated storage system using cranes.

The stored tea is withdrawn to form recipes and move to our advanced blending systems that clean the tea and blend it precisely as per our signature blends. Post blending, each sample of the blend recipe passes through stringent quality parameters to qualify as fit-for-packaging.

The approved blended tea is then vacuum-conveyed to various packaging machines for final packing. There is a secondary quality check that happens post packaging to ensure our customers always get the perfect cup of tea.

After the tea packs are approved and are packed in eco-friendly cartons, they are stored in a secondary automated storage system. The packaged tea is then dispatched out of our factory through an automated conveyor sorting system to begin its journey to our loyal consumers.

Our Dairy Processing Unit

Set up in 2014, Amar Foods & Beverages manufactures high Quality Milk Powders, Instant Soluble Teas and Herbs. It is the first integrated plant to manufacture our dairy whitener, milk powders and instant tea to exacting quality standards. Milk rich district of Vadodara, Gujarat, ensures a steady supply of quality milk. The plant is equipped with superior levels of operating and quality standards (in some instances at pharmaceutical plant level). From the milk receiving area to the finished product, we maintain strict no-human-contact throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Daily output / production capacity of the plant

The factory is certified under ISO 22000:2018, FSSAI, EIC, and BIS.

The dairy dock is operated by skilled & trained staff, ensuring proper grading and testing of milk and only quality milk is accepted.

The milk processing section is equipped with Pasteurizer, Cream Separator, Homogenizer, Sugar Syrup Preparation System and Automatic Batching Systems along with storage and Butter & Ghee Manufacturing System with equipment manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of dairy engineering and milk handling equipment Tetra Pak. The finished products are aseptically packed under controlled atmosphere to prevent microbiological contamination.

Quality Control

Also in place is a fully equipped three thousand sq.ft. laboratory, used to analyse our raw material and manufactured products. The state of the art modern laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation (Calorimeters, spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography (GC) with FID, ECD, detectors, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with PDA detectors, Laminar Air Flow with Bio Safety Cabinet, Microbiological Air Sampler, Auto Protein Analyser etc.) to complement a team of experienced samplers, technicians and analysts.

Attached to this is a well-organized Microbiological isolation laboratory, where microbiological testing of raw materials, in process samples and final products is carried out by our in-house microbiologist.