The right tea at the right time

So many teas, so little time! So which tea should you have, and on what occasion?

The answer is not so simple. To make the best tea choices, you need to understand your needs at different times of the day.  Luckily, we have simplified the tangle of tea times for you.

Read our guide to know more.


If you’re generally not a morning person, you need a boost to help you get your day started. So your morning cup of tea should be stimulating, though not overwhelm your just-woken taste buds.

We recommend:

White tea: Best for early morning, white tea is light on the system but also super stimulating!

English breakfast tea: This is a type of black tea, best enjoyed with milk, sugar and a hearty breakfast.

Tea tip: Experts recommend not having tea on an empty stomach. Remember to have a light breakfast or something to munch with your morning tea.


Your energy levels dip around lunch hour and you could do with a slight kick. But when you’ve had a hearty meal, what is the ideal tea choice?

We recommend:

Green tea: Best suited for the afternoon, green tea is rich in antioxidants and can preserve your energy levels. You can have it either with lunch or on its own.

Oolong tea: Besides giving you a slight caffeine kick, oolong tea is rich in several vitamins and minerals, besides much-needed antioxidants.

Tea tip: While green tea is considered healthier than the oolong variety, the latter can have more rich, intense flavours and also offers numerous benefits like good gut health.


When your mind and body are both tired, a cup of tea can help you unwind. But with the wrong choice, you could end up staying awake all night.

We recommend:

Herbal teas: These are an excellent option if you want to minimize the caffeine at dinner time. The best choices include chamomile and ginger tea.

Tea blends: Use the relaxed evening hour to find a tea blend that is tasty and not too stimulating. These include options like lemongrass tea, cinnamon tea and peppermint tea.

Tea tip: You can personalize your late evening tea with your favourite flavours, from star anise to cardamom.