Tea time treats: Monsoon bites

We can all agree that the pitter-patter of rain is the perfect excuse to sit down for a cup of tea and a plateful of snacks.

But what is the best snack to eat with your chai when it’s raining?

We did some research and discovered that there is no right answer to that question. Everyone has their favourites, and each of them is just as tempting.

Here are our top picks.

Vegetable pakoras or bhajiyas

Ubiquitous in the rains, these taste best straight from the frying pan into your plate. Enjoy them at your local street vendor. Or whip them up at home since the ingredients will be easily found in your kitchen. Go crazy with the choice of vegetables—onions, potatoes, spinach leaves, eggplant, cauliflower…


There’s nothing more indulgent than relishing a couple (or several) samosas as you sip on your evening chai. The spicy potato filling is the perfect accompaniment to sweet tea, while the flaky flour pastry is just what you need to beat those untimely hunger pangs.


Made with ingredients of your choice (sooji, lentils or even besan), freshly steamed dhokla with a delicious tempering is sure to excite your taste buds when accompanied with hot chai. You can buy dhokla at a Gujarati snack store, or attempt to make your own.

Khari biscuits

A very special Mumbai treat, these light, fluffy and crunchy biscuits are the right amount of salty to balance out your chai. While khari is popular throughout the year, for the monsoon, try this little trick. Place a few khari biscuits in a heated oven for a few minutes. They’ll get crisper and warmer, perfect to dunk into your masala chai, or enjoy as nibbles with your tea.


Okay, so this may seem to be an unusual suggestion, but hot buttered popcorn is an excellent accompaniment to green tea when it rains. You can pop corn using kernels, or use the microwaveable variety of popcorn. The more the better, the more you’ll love it.


This one’s for the health conscious folks. It takes just a few minutes and minimum oil to roast a handful of makhana at home.  Then you add a dash of your favourite spices or spice mix (chaat masala or even pav bhaji masala, and voila, a nutritious snack is ready. Be prepared to make some more, because your folks are going to demand more of it!