Benefits of Ginger Tea

You may have heard your parents say this every time you have an upset stomach or a sore throat, “Have some adrak wali chai.” Ginger tea, or adrak chai as it is known in India, is a hot tea served with crushed bits of ginger.

The tea is known for its medicinal benefits, as well as its sharp, but delicious taste. Some may even describe it as wholesome if you add a little more milk to this brew. Interestingly, ginger tea is native to South-East Asia, and is particularly popular in China and India. While Indians like to add to add a small quantity of crushed ginger to their milky variant of black tea, the Chinese prefer to make a milk-free version that can consumed hot, cold or at room temperature. A version similar to the one in India is also consumed in Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.

If you try out the milk free version of ginger tea, you can add lemon as well. Further, ginger tea can be served with honey instead of sugar if you are looking for a way to make it healthier. 

Here are some ginger tea benefits that will give you just cause to try out this brew:

  1. Stomach relief
    Ginger tea helps your digestion to function smoothly, preventing any irritation, and providing relief.
  2. Relief for inflammation of the joints
    Ginger tea can provide relief in case of weariness and soreness in joints and muscles. Other than drinking the beverage, some people also use it to soak their inflamed joints. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Relief for nausea
    Feelings of nausea and discomfort, particularly as a result of motion sickness, can also be calmed by consuming ginger tea.
  4. Improve blood circulation
    The presence of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in ginger helps improve blood circulation. This can be particularly beneficial if you are used to rigorous workouts on a regular basis. Further, this helps you maintain good cardiovascular health and prevent strokes.
  5. Relief from menstrual cramps
    The benefits of drinking ginger tea with honey for menstruating women are well known. Ginger tea helps ease the pain from menstrual cramps by relaxing the muscles.
  6. Boost your immunity
    You can also boost your immunity by consuming a cup of ginger tea a day, thanks to the anti-oxidants in the tea.
  7. Respiratory relief
    This is why everyone advises a person with a cold to have some ginger tea. The brew can help reduce congestion in the chest, thus allowing you to breathe easy.
  8. Stress Relief
    Ginger tea, like the normal tea in itself, is known for relieving stress.
  9. Lose fat
    This is a bonus benefit. Milk-free ginger tea with lemon can help you burn fat, allowing you to feel lighter and more active.