A touch of spice makes tea really nice

For all those whole love a dash of spice in their food have you considered adding just a bit of spice to your tea as well? With a wide range of spices to choose from, you can experiment with tea in your kitchen and discover tastes that you didn’t think were possible with your humble chai.

What’s more, your favourite spices may also enhance your mood and boost your health.

Here are some options to spice up your morning cup of tea (pun intended).


Cinnamon is not just for coffee and hot chocolate. It enhances the flavour of almost everything it is added to, whether savoury or sweet.  Add a strip of cinnamon bark as your tea brews or sprinkle in powdered form over your prepared tea. Take a sip and feel it warming up your taste buds.


This newly-anointed superfood is reported to reduce inflammation and treat nausea, among other things. Aromatic and woody, spicy and sweet, the gingery flavour is like no other. And since it’s a household staple, there’s all the more reason to add it to your tea. It’s best to crush, peel and grate fresh ginger for just a subtle touch.  

Bay leaf

Surprised by this suggestion? Bay leaf may be an uncommon choice, but this ingredient adds a unique flavour to tea. Just a leaf or two of this understated ingredient will add a delicate flavour to your tea, especially when you add some grated ginger to the brew.  


Elaichi chai is an all-time Indian favourite and why not? Green cardamom is fragrant and pungent, and it improves digestion. We suggest you add some crushed cardamom to your tea as it brews for a distinctive and delicious morning cuppa.


Whole cloves may seem to be an unusual choice for tea, but just a couple of pieces brings a bold flavour to an ordinary cup of tea. With a strong aroma, your tea will be sweet, spicy and just the right amount of feisty.     

Black peppercorn

Love the zing of spice? Reach out for black peppercorns when making your tea, or add just a tiny bit of freshly powdered pepper as you brew. Be careful not to add too much, as you might overwhelm your taste buds first thing in the morning!

Star anise

True to its name, this underrated whole spice can be the highlight of your tea experience with its natural woody scent and sweet flavour. Throw in a piece or two of star anise into your tea while it’s on the stove, and you will get the warm fuzzy feeling you want from your chai.