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What in the world is ‘Chai Tea’?



Repetition is probably not the best figure of speech. Unless it’s used for emphasis, it feels really really unnecessary. Also, it eats into your precious time. Especially when you use two different words that mean the same thing.

The word ‘Chai Tea’ is popping up everywhere. In popular teenage lingo as well as certain mainstream franchises and “trendy” cafes. But what is this ‘Chai Tea’? Chai is Tea, so calling it Chai Tea is basically calling it chai chai or tea tea. What people refer to as ‘Chai Tea’ is the incredibly popular Desi variant of tea called Masala Chai which infuses black tea with spices like cardamom, clove, and pepper to make a beautifully spiced, warm and soothing drink, that is a constant in an any Indian household.




You may not call a spade a spade, but you should call tea, only tea. Just tea is more than enough, and if you’re looking for the traditional Indian variant, call it what we have for generations – Chai.





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