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The Slimming Properties of Green Tea

Tea drinking is an inherent part of our culture. With the focus on healthy and clean living that is sweeping our consciousness these days, it would be prudent to explore the benefits of consuming tea in a way that is healthy. As Indians we drink copious amounts of tea, unfortunately, the way we consume tea makes it more a boon than a bane to us. Adding sugar to sweeten and milk to give flavour are two of the ways we compromise the excellent healing and regenerative powers of tea.

One of the many ways tea can help our overall well being is in helping a person lose weight. Green tea in particular has been known to help in weight loss. Doctors and fitness consultants swear by the metabolism quickening power of green tea.

Green Tea boosts metabolism: cup of green tea with mint

Says Mithali Pathak, nutritionist, “one of the best ways to help boost your metabolic rate is to drink green tea. It speeds up your metabolic rate by anywhere between 5 to 15 percent and helps in better digesting your food. Consuming a cup of green tea fifteen minutes before lunch helps a person digest his meal in a better manner. Also since green tea is best consumed without a sweetener, it makes an excellent pre-workout energy drink.”

Green Tea helps sustain a good workout: treadmills-for-sale

One of the best ways to lose weight is a good workout. A good workout needs a constant stream of energy. The catechin polyphenols found in green tea not only help increase the metabolic rate, but also stimulate the liver to use fatty acids and thus burn more fat to supply the body with energy. This makes for a more effective workout and helps you lose weight is a more sustained manner.

Green Tea, a good night’s sleep and weight loss: Foods-That-Help-Induce-Sleep1

Remember to have a warm cup/mug of green tea before bedtime, green tea helps relax the body, absorbs stress and contributes to a good night’s sleep. The latter is responsible for burning calories, and therefore is a way to losing greater amounts of weight.

Losing weight and keeping fit should be your priority at virtually any stage in your life. Green Tea with its calming effects and slimming properties, ought to be an integral part of your nutrition and weight loss regime.








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