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A teapot with 2 spouts


As weird as it sounds, it has been there and functional for ages.   Ever had guests over who had a different preference when it came to tea? The dilemma between which of the two types to brew? Well, that may not be an issue any longer.


With a two-spouted teapot, you could potentially serve both!



YES! We found a teapot that is separated on the inside, down in the middle, with a spout on either side. Just add the two different teas to each side, et voila, no more dilemma.


Innovative and amazing, don’t you think? Well, not really. Records show, that pots like this have existed for centuries, and could possibly be terrible to serve two different teas in. A regular tea-drinker would know that a pot as such would cause the aroma of the more potent tea to overpower the other, which to most would be an unacceptable outcome. Although a charming idea, a pot as such may not be practical unless the two brews are either equally light or strong or at least in some way complement each other.


Nevertheless, these pots still make a pretty addition to your tea set and you can choose from a multitude of options online, some of which have the spouts on the same side, and can thus fill two cups at the same time! Revolutionary! Or maybe not.



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