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Tea Party is the NEED


Tea Party is the NEED


Tea party is a formal, ritualized gathering for the small meal called afternoon tea. Now that’s a textbook definition of a tea party.


But in today’s time where sky is just the initiation point of your imagination, there are endless ways and possibilities to have a memorable tea party. And believe it or not but if you’re a tea junkie then hosting a tea party or being a part of one every once in awhile is must.


Be it a host or a guest, being a part of a tea party has many perks.


To lay down a few let’s start with the most alluring one- The delicacies! The mouth watering treats form an integral part of a tea party. Afternoon tea ritual is basically a brunch filled with soul touching tea and belly satisfying finger foods. Devouring pretty party nibbles without the fuss of fork and knives, gorbing mini quiches and gulping dainty desserts and drowning yourself in the guilty pleasure is just one aspect of a perfect tea party.




Is there anything better than chilling with a bunch of like minded tea junkies? Well, there isn’t and at tea parties you find plenty such people. With a good variation in tea taste, you get to meet old people and new who share a sacred love for tea like you.  


The setting is another blissful delight of a tea party. If the weather and your home space permits then you should definitely have a tea party out in the open. And if you can’t then bring outdoors inside with loads of cut flowers and branches. The old tea sets, the fancy food trays, the colorful table cloths and Pinterest perfect displays are glee to the gleaming eyes.




And lastly, the most salient part- TEA!


An array of bagged or loose leaf teas ranging from Earl Grey, English breakfast to Darjeeling, scented Oolong to choose from, it has everything to satisfy your chai imprinted soul.


In a nutshell, if you want a ‘chai-tisfying’ life then once in awhile either host a tea party or be a part of one.



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