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Does tea even know, the power that it holds?



Tea is not just a word, it has a lot of power in it. Tea has the power to pull people out of their beds, which is one of the best powers one can possess. It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility.

What if Tea knew about the power that it holds? Would it go tasteless all of a sudden and test our loyalty? Would it not cool down at all and challenge us with each sip? Would it not blend with the milk and water? If at all tea knew that it holds a position in the hearts of people, would it break them all? Many questions arise.




Tea would have definitely stood for the presidential elections if it knew its importance and it would probably win. There is no such thing as satiety when it comes to tea.  Would tea launch a strike against people who sip it the wrong way? Or would realize its full potential and take on its true form – the hero we all need. If tea knew what it meant to the working adult, would it make sure it was always around? Well, one thing is for sure tea may or may not know its power, but tea-lovers do, and we wouldn’t hesitate to tell it that if it asked.





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