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A tea drinker doesn’t become a legit tea junkie when the entire world around him/her says ‘WHY DO YOU DRINK SO MUCH TEA?’ It’s a self proclaimed act that happens only after one has been through the ‘questiontential’ crisis.

A person becomes a tea junkie only after one has asked these questions to oneself at some point in their life while sipping tea.

1.Is this number of cups too much?

The first step to know that you’re a tea junkie is when you start questioning your tea intake. The schedule of having tea 3 times a day backed by the occasional tea sips 5 more times make you question your habit at least 10 times a month. And once you make peace with that and embrace it you’re step down to be a tea junkie.


2.Which type do I like the most?

A person may not be in love with all types of tea but the person surely isn’t in love with just one. At some point, one must have to list down the favourites amongst the countless that make their day.


3.Do I need sugar?

Sugar with its obvious sweetness and unobvious amount in the tea plays a very important role during your sipping session. There comes a milestone where you have to finally decide do you need sugar in your chai and if yes then HOW MUCH?

sugar in tea 1

4.What’s the purpose of milk?

Irrespective of whether you like milk with your tea or not, you would want to know the purpose milk serve in your tea at some point. For someone who prefers milk, one would wonder how it makes your tea so amazing and the one who avoids it just wonder how one can mess with the beautiful color of black tea.

milk in tea

5.Should I dunk it or eat it?

Another question that brews in the mind of a potential tea junkie is when the person is introduced to the side dishes. Should I dunk  my biscuit and risk for it to fall in the cup or just eat it directly followed by a quick sip?

tea and biscuits 1

6.Mug or Teacup?

The eternal question of whether you want to drink your tea in a mug or a tea cup is directly proportional to the proportion of the tea you want to consume everyday. As much as the idea of having tea in your favourite cup matters, it’s equally important for a tea junkie to know how tea can reside in that cup.

Mug or Tea

7.When is tea time?

The last but certainly not the least is the question that starts everything. When is the tea time? When can I have my soothing sip of hot tea?

200w_d (2)


These 7 questions certainly sum up everything that a tea drinker must ask oneself and if you have, well, then you’re a certified tea junkie.






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