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shutterstock_249543169We have at least one person in our lives that has too much blood in their tea cycle. It could be anybody from a friend to an acquaintance to a partner or a relative. Or it could simply be YOU! And if there is anything that these chai junkies adore as much  as a warm cup of perfect tea is a gift originating from the deep roots of tea. Gifts, souvenirs and accessories that make the tea drinking experience fancier than it already is are sacred offerings for tea junkies around the world. So if you want to bestow a tea buddy with a good day, here are some quirky tea gifts at your behest.
  1. Tea shirts- First & foremost, this is the most beloved gift for any tea junkie. T-shirts with quirky tea designs or quotes that describe the daily life of a person in tea love is a gift to die for.


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  1. Heart shaped sugar cubes- With a romantic esque to it, heart shaped sugar cubes are acutely adorable gifts for the special ones.
sugar cubes


  1. Vintage tea tins- Handcrafted with each having their unique design, vintage tea tins add a distinct charm to the kitchen. They are used to sort tea and acts as an elegant gift for a tea junkie.
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  1. Tea Jewellery- It’s more of a souvenir than a jewellery unless the person that you’re gifting is bold enough to actually wear them and pull it off. Metal teapots and cup rings, pendants and bracelets are exemplars of out of the box tea gifts.
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  1. Tea decals and wall stickers- When the walls of your house talk about you, like literally! Is there anything better than that? Interactive tea quotes and design to adorn the walls of the intended person is a sweet gift to tell them that you embrace their tea madness.
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Honourable Mentions Here are some additional treats that you can gift to the beloved tea junkie of your life…  Tea Lamps


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Painted cups


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