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A Brand New Day

16 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas


The gifting season is just around the corner, so we have decided to curate some of the most interesting and creative gifting ideas that you use for any occasion. These quick and unique ideas will not only brighten up your day but will bring a smile on the face of …

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Nelson Mandela – The Miracle Maker


Nelson Mandela, former president of South America and Nobel Prize Winner who died today at the age of 95 is known for his struggle to overturn apartheid and spent most of his life fighting the injustice of racial discrimination. After spending 27 years in prison for battling the apartheid government, …

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Society Tea – Now Brewing in Chennai


A cup of good hope! That is what we believe can truly sum up the experience of sipping a piping hot cup of tea. From the plush greenery of India’s hilly tea estates, a pleasant journey began 80 years ago.We at Society Tea firmly believe in combining quality with innovation …

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12 Incredible Street Art Photos From Around The World


Street art is an umbrella term defining forms of visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. Who would have thought that a crack in the wall, a traffic sign or a water pump could bring a smile to your …

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14 Comedian Quotes To Brighten Up Your Day


Stop nagging about your 9 to 5 desk nightmare, find motivation to follow a more interesting path. That motivation might come from unconventional sources like comedians. Fun folks like, Steve martin, Jim carry might seem more likely to tickle your funny bone, but if you stop laughing for a second …

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Tea Talks with Monisha Rajesh – Author of Around India In 80 Trains


Meet Monisha Rajesh. She is a London-based author of Around India in 80 Trains. She has worked on the features desk of enormous publications like the London Evening Standard, and written for the Telegraph, the Guardian and TIME magazine. Around India In 80 Trains is Monisha Rajesh’s first book. Inspired …

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Chaiwala Sessions EP5 with Pentagram


Our new Chaiwala Sessions episode features the electro rock veterans, Pentagram.The latest installment in the series features Mumbai electro-rock veterans Pentagram. In this edition, we see Pentagram in an unusually stripped-down avatar, performing an acoustic, yet intense version of ‘Deep Down’ off It’s Ok It’s All Good  in a Bandra bylane. The …

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5 Apps To Increase Your Work Productivity


If you're looking to increase your workday productivity, the smartphone in your pocket can help you in leaps and bounds.There has been a huge influx in the mobile app world and some apps can help you ease the stress of everyday life. These apps help you to perform some basic …

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18 Unique Teapot Designs


These unique teapot designs are proof that creativity can turn everyday items that we take for granted into phenomenal inclusion to our kitchen's decor. From macabre teapots to splendidly patterned tea sets, these unique teapot designs will have you wondering why you don't take the time for tea more regularly. …

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Anuradha Goyal – Woman For Society


“You get educated by traveling” – Solange Knowles. Meet Anuradha Goyal, an Innovation Consultant , Globetrotter and Blogger who lives by this mantra. After working in the IT industry for more than 12 years she decided on being her own boss & now she helps businesses innovate and grow.She is …

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