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Opinions of Coffee drinkers about tea drinkers.

Since the start of time, we have been bifurcating people into two types. Man & Woman, Religious and Atheists, White and Black , Dog person and cat person, Marvel and DC, Shah Rukh and Salman and the most important Tea and Coffee.

People in large numbers prefer one beverage over the other and for a fact start lowkey disliking other people who don’t choose their preferred beverage. They also develop a certain opinion or a type cast about the other person.

Here are the 5 opinions coffee lovers have about Tea drinkers.


Calm and Lazy.

Tea people are often considered to be calm and meditated due to the lesser or no intake of caffeine through their beverage. Since coffee drinkers are over charged and hyperactive after their shot of espresso, they think the people who prefer tea are laid back or lazy. Which is not true at all.


Need to Bite.

Unlike coffee drinkers, tea drinkers always need something to dip with their cuppa. They just cannot have their brewed cup of tea without some light crispy snack. This again isn’t a true opinion. Although we admit we don’t always need something to dip in our cup but we most of the times prefer it.




Agreeing to the fact that the origins of tea trace back to the British Regime, people have always had this misconception around tea drinkers being pretentious. Coffee lovers craving the caffeine pump in their veins can have coffee in any form, be it black, with milk, with cream and are not too picky about it. But tea drinkers are always picky with their flavour of tea, their milk choice and sugar choice and also need fancy cups for their tea. We can’t help it if we are a little particular about what we want, can we?

So what if I just want my cup of Earl Grey boiled at warm temperature and with a dash of lime.



Book readers and Geeky.

It is often just misunderstood by coffee drinker that people who love tea love reading books while sitting in cafes and are geeky and intellectual. Ok, we won’t argue on this one because we are smarter than them.


There is a big typecast of people loving tea being heavily addicted to it. They believe that people drinking tea more than 3 times a day are addicted to it and cannot live without it. They often try to ask them to quit it. But why would we? It’s perfectly healthy and safer than coffee and doesn’t posses a chance of a heart attack at 35. Just saying.















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