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Netflix and Chai



What is that one thing you can do while you are on your bed. for, those who answered sleeping, a big hug to all of you. But, what if I told you two more things, that you can do while you are on bed. Yes! While you are on bed!

Netflix and Chai.

Those who say a perfect combo does not exist, there you go, we have bestowed some wisdom upon you. And we’re about to go one step ahead by giving you a list of shows you can definitely binge this November if you haven’t already.


  1. Master Of None master of none You have to hand it to Aziz Ansari – after the first season of “Master of None”, the audience was waiting eagerly for the second season. The bar was set high for the second season because the first one was so good. Aziz Ansari clearly has created magic along with the team and you can say that there is nothing else like it. Every theme has been portrayed brilliantly. Balancing between slice of life and the comedy genre, it will definitely leave you happy on the inside.

2. Glow 




Are you ready for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling? If you thoroughly loved  1980s women’s wrestling or just wrestling this is going to be a major throwback for you. While the dramatic side of the show throws weaker punches, like the ones in staged wrestling matches, the comic one is a total knockout. In fact, the elements of “GLOW” that work really highlight why wrestling in general makes for such captivating entertainment. This show is well scripted just like the wrestling is.

3. Stranger Things


Stranger_Things_logo It’s strange if you have not watched this show yet. You are a strange. Look, if you didn’t watch this one yet, stop procrastinating, today! You deserve to have “Stranger Things” in your life. With Season 2 dropping in the last week of October, this sci-fi fantastical horror 80s-nostalgia throwback became the most addictive offering on Netflix for November binges.


4. The Punisher


punisher Marvel is coming with yet another show and we cannot wait for it. This is one to watch out for. Out on November 17, 2017, it is a story of revenge with thrill and action. After the story teaser in the Daredevil series on the same platform left everybody is massive awe of this anger-fuelled vigilante, our expectations from this release are higher than ever.

5. Dirk Gently


dirk gently Based on the Douglas Adams novels of the same, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency follows a quirky investigator and assisti-friend Todd, as they delve deep into mystery only to find out that ‘Everything Is Connected’ not because Dirk found concrete clues, but because the universe always leads him in the right direction. With an enjoyably weird plot, equally oddball characters, and holistic experience that actually delivers everything it promises, this is one case study you just cannot afford to skip.


And that’s our list of web series we think you must watch. So pour yourself a satisfying cup of tea and get right into it. Happy binge-ing!



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