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Myth or Fact: Does dunking your tea bag actually make the tea steep faster?

It’s a common misconception that dunking your tea bag actually makes the tea steep faster. Now, chemist Matt Harbowy has proof that in fact, it doesn’t. Over a series of experiments, Harbowy determined that dunking your tea is actually not faster than just leaving it at the bottom of the cup.

Here’s what he says,

“Within statistical error, under almost all testing conditions, I cannot find a difference between dunking and not dunking under controlled circumstances, so do it how you want. There is almost as much statistical noise in the wettability of the paper and the leaf from one bag to the next as there is in dissolution rates, and small changes in manufacture usually matter more than anything the consumer on the teabag side can control.”

For a more detailed explanation visit his Quora page. Does bouncing your tea bag actually do anything substantial?





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