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Green Tea- A beverage to lose weight NATURALLY

A good bunch of us wants to shed some pounds and look our best but what we lack is guidance and the proper nutrition and some of us are just lazy.

Green tea is a beverage preferred and offered by many fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists. Ever wondered what it does and how it helps for it to receive such high credibility. Here’s how-

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and substances that are beneficial for health and helps in losing considerable amount of weight.


The bioactive substances in tea leaves dissolve in water that make the final drink. When you consume green tea, you actually get a heavy amount of beneficial substances namely caffeine [24-40 mg unlike 100-200 mg from normal tea] that acts like a stimulant in burning fats and improve the performance of your exercise. Being full of potential antioxidants called catechins with EGCG being the most important one that helps in boosting the metabolism to an exceeding amount.

The active compounds in green tea boost the fat burning hormones that breaks down fats faster, releasing it in the bloodstream to be finally used by the body as a source of energy that again boosts the metabolism. Green tea exceeds the fat burning process to its fullest when a person works out on regular basis.


Human body keeps burning calories all the time, even while sleeping. Studies suggest that green tea aids in increasing this burning of calories by 3-4% even when the body is at rest.

Every little bit adds up when you’re serious about losing weight. A proper diet plan with an appropriate workout regime and green tea as cherry on the top sums up all your organized efforts to shed some pounds.




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