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Have you ever heard of Fried Rice Green Tea?

Yes, you heard it right. You can now have Fried Rice Green Tea.


If you look around, you will at least find one thing astonishing enough to blow your mind. Humans are surprising and the things they make are even surprising, one should just have an eye to find it.

One such thing is Fried Rice Green Tea. YES! You heard it right! There exists a tea that goes by the name, Fried Rice Green tea.

It is called Genmai Cha and it’s found in Japan. In fact, it is very popular in Japan and consumed by many people on daily basis. And it can be found in most of the local stores in Japan and online for markets outside the country. Genmai tea is basically japanese green tea blended with roasted rice. It has an earthy taste with a mild sweet aftertaste. But sadly there is no fried rice in this tea. It’s an episode that’s severely lost in translation.

Like the 80s and 90s where English translations were sometimes taken so seriously that reading them would either sound frightening or insanely humorous.





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