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Ensure a long and happy life with these tea drinking tips!

sip tea for a long life

Ever since time immemorial, man has looked for the fountain of youth. Yet some races, and in some places, more than others the concentration of people who live to a ripe old age is more than it is than in others. These zones include China and Okinawa in Asia, the Greek Isles in Europe and some pockets in Central and Southern America.

What’s most surprising about all these cultures is the fact that they are all strong tea drinking, or brewed drinks heavy cultures. While in the Asian continent, tea definitely rules the roost, when it comes to being the brew du jour. In the Greek Isles it is herbal teas that are high in spices like rosemary, marjoram and oregano. The Central and Southern American region is high on cocoa consumption. Irrefutable proof that the ancients had gotten it right all along.

Scientifically speaking, brewed drinks are normally the result of the meld of antioxidants, catechins and free radical arresting natural antibodies that are responsible for bestowing the drink with remarkable anti-ageing and restorative properties. Take for instance the ‘shan-pien’ consumed by Okinawans, this is a blend of green tea, with jasmine and turmeric. Literally translating to ‘tea with a bit of fragrance’, this brew is high on catechins, antioxidant properties, circumin from the turmeric and of course the legendary relaxing effect of jasmine. Credited to making Okinawans among the most healthy centenarians in the world, shan-pien is today highly sought after as an anti aging tonic the world over.

Teas in the Greek Isles are mostly about brewed spices and herbs like rosemary, sage and dandelions, the latter which contains a powerful element that purifies the liver. These blends are known to promote the smooth functioning of the vital organs, purification of the blood and of course a general sense of well being.

The takeaway from this discussion of course is the fact that the fountain of youth that Ponce-de-Lyon is said to have lost his life over, has always been within our grasp. Tea can help you live a long and happy life. Millions of us consume tea every day, and in copious amounts at that. Even our masala chai, imbued with the spices like ginger and lemongrass is used to treat everything from a sore throat to chronic cases of migraine.


Here are 3 vital tips to consuming tea right, in order for it to affect a positive change in your health:


  • Sip green tea instead of copious amounts of coffee. Green tea has 25% less caffeine, contains theanine that is good for the smooth functioning of the kidneys, liver and heart and it increases your metabolism, all along supplying your body with a steady stream of antioxidants.

  • Herbal teas ought to be consumed semi regularly, that is maybe a couple of times a week, so that your immune system gets a boost. Try the blends with different concentrations of rosemary, holy basil, neem and sage.

  • Don’t use sugar to sweeten your tea. Use honey instead, this will boost the antioxidant levels in green tea. Keep a supply of mildly sweetened green tea in a pitcher in the fridge, to deal with long, hot Indian summers.


Until next time, live long and prosper.




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