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Chai Smoked Chicken Broth Recipe

When it comes to foodies, the more exotic the better. There are sometimes though when you just need a good ol’ fashioned pick me up that is both nutritious and heartwarming in the same breath. That’s the time a pot stew, a broth or a soup is the one thing that will give you the lift you crave. If you add the power of tea’s ample antioxidants to the mix, a traditional chicken broth suddenly transforms into the most amazingly potent panacea for all your ills, both real and imagined! So here’s how you transform the lowly chicken broth into the yummiest and healthiest pot ever!

tea smoked chicken broth


Chai Smoked Chicken Broth Recipe


For the broth you will need


  • 100g chicken breast

  • 80g noodles

  • 60g sliced bok-choi

  • 50g sliced leeks

  • 30g sliced spring onions

  • 10g chopped red & green chillies

  • 5g fresh picked coriander

  • 1ltr vegetable stock


For smoking the chicken breast you will need:


  • Society Tea tea leaves (black) from 14-16 bags

  • 4 tbsp long-grain rice

  • 2 tbsp brown sugar


Smoking the chicken breast:


  • Line a large saucepan or wok with tin foil. Mix the ingredients for the the smoking mixture together and add to the bottom of the foil.

  • Put the chicken (in the sieve/colander) on top of the pan and tightly cover with more tin foil.

  • Put the heat on the hob to the lowest possible setting and cook the chicken for 30 mins. After that time, remove the foil and leave the chicken to cool a little.

Preparing the broth:

  • Soak the noodles in hot water and drain once soft.

  • Sauté the leek, onion and chilli.

  • Add the chicken, stock and soaked noodles.

  • Ladle into bowls and serve warm


Until next time, eat well, sip on tea, live life to the fullest.





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