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Top 10 Pinterest Tea Pins!


People love pinning! It’s the perfect way to describe what interests you the most  & since it’s such a visual medium, it’s also fun to discover cool images and videos about things you like. We started our Pinterest journey about a month back to document things that interest us as a brand & over that […]

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Infographic: Amazing Facts about Tea

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5 things herbal tea can do for you

Go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day!

How many tea’s can boast about doing something for you? The answer, not many. But herbal tea is different. Not only is it good for you but it’s also really refreshing. Here’s 5 things herbal tea can do for you. 1. Help you take longer naps Have trouble sleeping? Worry not, you aren’t alone. 78% […]

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Why a cup of tea is like a mother


Do you remember the first time you opened your eyes and stared at the happy faces of two of the most wonderful people on the planet? Do you remember how much you wailed and screamed because you couldn’t enunciate enough, how much you wanted a clean shower and dry clothes? Do you remember that moment […]

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