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Perfect Love Treat: Crunchy Ice Cream Balls with Chocolate Sauce by Poonam


Poonam Jadhav sent us her entry for a perfect love treat this Valentine’s and it’s rather unique. A twist to the traditional Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce, so simple yet so elegant. Top points for innovation. Here’s how she makes her delicious crunchy ice cream balls with chocolate sauce.     Ingredients: White Bread Slices […]

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Beating Your Creative Block – in 10 Steps


Designer and author Debbie Millman has conjured up a simple note on being creative by overcoming your creative block. So for everyone who want to do something new with their day and end it up with creating something new, this is something to print and pin for inspiration. You can follow Debbie on Twitter @debbiemillman

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Tea Tips: Painting with tea


Tea is a natural pigment that can be used to stain paper and some material to create different effects. Using watered-down tea to make a simple paint/stain can create paintings that play with light and dark shading. You can experiment with fruit teas, as well as the usual brown tea, to obtain different colors. Red-colored […]

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Tea Tips: How to clean your tea pot


  Every teapot needs a thorough clean occasionally to get rid of tannin stains. Fill it up with very hot water and drop in a fizzy denture-cleaning tablet. Make sure you tip the pot to get the solution up the spout. Leave for at least an hour before rinsing. Share your tea tips with us […]

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7 unique tea bag art installations!

Tea Bag paint

Art knows no boundaries. A small collective of tea lovers and artists for years have experimented with mixing their two sole pleasures in life, drinking tea and creating magnificent artworks & the result is “tea bag art”. Tea bag art can be defined as an art form which either employs the tea bag as a medium or […]

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Tea & Caffeine


Caffeine is one of the most important constituents of tea. Although the caffeine in coffee is absorbed rapidly into the body, this is not so with tea. The rate of absorption is much slower and the caffeine remains in the body longer, making tea the more refreshing, revitalizing drink.

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Tea Quotation Thursday


  “Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. “I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.” “You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.” “Nobody asked your opinion,” said Alice.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice […]

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Tea Tip Wednesday



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Tea Humor Monday

mean cuppa tea


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Tea Quotation Thursday

zen tea

If you ask Zen people they will say tea is not something that you pour with unawareness and drink like any other drink. It is not a drink, it is meditation; it is prayer. So they listen to the kettle creating a melody, and in that listening they become more silent, more alert. ~Bhagwan Shree […]

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