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4 Quick Macaroni Dishes


On this World Macaroni day , we present to you 4 Dishes that you can make at home and give your taste buds a treat. These brilliantly simple and comforting dishes are packed with the rich, cheesy flavor that will please both the kids and adults in the family. 

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Myth or Fact: Does dunking your tea bag actually make the tea steep faster?


It’s a common misconception that dunking your tea bag actually makes the tea steep faster. Now, chemist Matt Harbowy has proof that in fact, it doesn’t. Over a series of experiments, Harbowy determined that dunking your tea is actually not faster than just leaving it at the bottom of the cup. Here’s what he says, “Within statistical […]

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Society Tea Quick 5: Favorite monsoon trekking destinations


This week, 5 trekkers give us their personal favorite places to trek in the rains.     Who: Ananda Govekar Where: Sandhan Valley Why: The thrill of crossing a 2km long deep valley, 3 rappelling patches and camping the night near a natural water pond. When: 15th – 16th June, 2013 More Info: Mumbai Travellers […]

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Teaspoons of Wisdom by Society Tea

Henry Ford

      Supercharge your day with these teaspoons of wisdom we’ve made with love for all our fans. Hang them on your wall for everyday inspiration or grab a glance when you’re enjoying your cuppa. These posters are free of cost, but there’s just one teeny tiny thing you need to do to download […]

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Society Tip: 5 amateur steps to make your food photos look pro.

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When was the last time you were out with friends and tried to snap up a picture of that delicious tiramisu you just had with a cup of tea, only to find out that the end result was not as glorious as you’d hoped it would be? Food photography is an art that isn’t all […]

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Lifehacks: Iced Chai Cubes


You know how you get the craving for some chai after a hard days work. But you’re too flustered to get into the kitchen and make a cup in this torrid summer. Well fret no more, we’re serving you a lifehack you’ll thank us for. But first here’s what you’ll be making, iced chai cubes. […]

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6 rules for making the perfect ice tea


  Iced tea is a favourite summer sipper and easy to make from scratch. You probably already have everything you need in your cupboards right now to whip up a tasty pitcher of iced tea. All it takes is a few tea bags, water and a bit of sugar and you are on your way. […]

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Chaiwala Sessions with The Circus.


We’ve always been of the opinion that tea breaks are the most productive time one can have in a day. A cup of chai lubricates the mind, spurs conversations and breaks the monotony of the day. Chaiwala Sessions is our ode to tea time. In collaboration with NH7 we handpick artists who we feel can make […]

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Instant Cool: Mango Iced Tea Recipe


It’s Mango season time and the King of Fruits is sure to be on everyone’s grocery list. So it’s only sweet justice that it has a mix and match with the King of Beverages. Yeah we’re talking Mango Iced Tea. A simple sounding mixture but one which is potent enough in taking the heat head on. Try […]

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Instant Treats: Ginger Peach Iced Tea Popsicles


It’s that time of the year again when the mercury hits an all time high & if you like sipping those hot refreshing cups of chai you might want to consider some cooler options. We scoured the web to find you a decadently delightful treat which is easy to make and is bound to keep […]

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