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Tea Ceremonies from around the world!

Japanese Tea Ceremony (also called the ‘Way of Tea’) The tea used : There are 2 varieties of powdered green tea or ‘matcha’ in this ceremony, namely : Thin Tea (called ‘usucha’) Thick Tea (called ‘koicha’)  which requires about three times as much tea to the equivalent amount of water as sucha. About the ceremony […]

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Riders on the Storm – Chandrashekhar Jakka and Abhijeet Jakka


Imagine clear blue skies and long winding roads. Imagine a tapestry of moving landscapes. Imagine a 6000km Golden Quadrilateral & finally imagine covering that distance in a meagre span of 6 days! It’s hard to imagine, but this father son duo drove long and drove hard and over days of revving engines turned what could […]

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Spots to enjoy a picnic in Mumbai.


Every day should be a picnic, shouldn’t it? Alas, routine takes over and work prevents most of us from spending quality time with our family and friends. Today on the sacred occasion of International Picnic Day, we implore you, pack a hamper full of treats and set off into the sun with your loved ones.  […]

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8 Best Points to Catch The Sunrise with Your Cup of Tea in India


India with its varied landscapes provides different dimensions to wake up to everyday. We scouted some photographs to find you 8 desitnations that you should take off to in 2013 to have a fresh morning cup of tea while admiring this amazing country of ours. A little description to all the places above – 1. […]

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Top 5 countries to visit for the perfect cup of tea: Kenya

Tea Plantation in Kenya

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, Kenya? Is it wildlife? Is it poverty? Oh surely it isn’t tea? Tea was first introduced in Kenya in 1903, a little over 100 years ago and since then the country has risen to the 3rd position right behind China and […]

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Weekend Treks near Mumbai.


This weekend get your trekking boots on and go out and explore. If you live in Mumbai there are a number of weekend trekking getaways you should definitely check out. We at Society Tea believe in the power of a brand new day & so we have compiled a list of two trekking locations from […]

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10 life experiences you’ll never want to miss!

mount raimora

When life falls into a routine, it becomes boring. No not boring, stale, pathetic, totally fruitless. It’s best at these times to sit down and make a bucket list of things you want to do, places you want to see and people you want to meet. So we have  made a little bucket list of 10 […]

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Top 5 destinations for the best tea experiences


Tea, a beverage simple in constitution but powerful in the way it brings people together. Tea lovers all over the world recognize the nuances in a simple cup of tea. If you’ve ever stopped at a chai tapri, you’re not a stranger to the conversation and friendship a cup of chai invokes. Such is the […]

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