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10 ways to make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day

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This Sunday, the world will celebrate a day which isn’t merely as marketable as good old Mother’s Day, but is probably just as important as it. All of us in some small manner or the other look up to our father. He is a flawed human being, one with mistakes and delusions, one with rage […]

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7 Day Challenge: New Things to Try Every Day This Week

  Making a change and sticking to it long enough to make a habit. This is where most of us get stuck and almost always give up on things, which takes us back to the same old routine of the daily grub. So here’s what we’re going to do at the Tea Society at Society […]

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A Tea Story: The Black Horse and the Brown Brew

  Last week, the 7th of February to be specific, I got to attend a tea workshop by certified Tea Sommelier Snigdha Binjola, at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai. And in that session, I was re-introduced to the wonderful beverage called tea. Snigdha specializes in creating signature hand-blended teas. She runs Tea Trunk, […]

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Top 5 destinations for the best tea experiences


Tea, a beverage simple in constitution but powerful in the way it brings people together. Tea lovers all over the world recognize the nuances in a simple cup of tea. If you’ve ever stopped at a chai tapri, you’re not a stranger to the conversation and friendship a cup of chai invokes. Such is the […]

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