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7 easy to make Handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by expressing your feelings to the one you love. So why not express this special feeling by surprising your loved ones with a handmade gift. Whether you want to surprise your mate, attract a potential new one, or simply impress your friends and co-workers, handmade gifts always feel more intimate. […]

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Perfect Love Treat: Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes by Analisa


Analisa sent us two submissions for our Valentine’s Day Perfect Love Treat Challenge. Here’s the first one, Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes that are devilishly easy to make but will definitely be noticed & appreciated by your partner. For those looking to give a subtle surprise, this recipe is for you.     Ingredients: 1 cup sugar […]

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Perfect Love Treat: Crunchy Ice Cream Balls with Chocolate Sauce by Poonam


Poonam Jadhav sent us her entry for a perfect love treat this Valentine’s and it’s rather unique. A twist to the traditional Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce, so simple yet so elegant. Top points for innovation. Here’s how she makes her delicious crunchy ice cream balls with chocolate sauce.     Ingredients: White Bread Slices […]

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Recipe of the week: Citrus Tea Punch

Photo Courtesy: http://thetolerantvegan.com

Our recipe of the week is a classic feel good drink which is sure to refresh and relax you. Here’s what you need to make it Ingredients: 4 Society Tea lemon green tea bags, 2 cups water, 3 medium oranges, 2 lemons, 2 cups orange juice, 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice, 4 -5 tablespoons […]

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Perfect Love Treat: Watermelon Ginger Limeade Recipe by Siri


Siri is an author, a writer, a cook and a photographer all rolled into one. By day she works in a Fortune 100 company and by night she is the chef in her own sun lit Bangalore kitchen, embraced by food she loves the most.   Here’s a recipe she shared with us which she […]

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Tea Recipes for The Winter

With most Indian cities enjoying a slightly colder winter this time around, we decided to pick a couple of interesting tea based recipes to try and drive away the winter chill. Spiced Black Tea Pomegranate juice adds healthy antioxidants to this cinnamon-spiced tea. Dried Fruit Compote with Green Tea & Lemon Steep tea bags in […]

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8 Best Points to Catch The Sunrise with Your Cup of Tea in India


India with its varied landscapes provides different dimensions to wake up to everyday. We scouted some photographs to find you 8 desitnations that you should take off to in 2013 to have a fresh morning cup of tea while admiring this amazing country of ours. A little description to all the places above – 1. […]

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Tea Tips: Painting with tea


Tea is a natural pigment that can be used to stain paper and some material to create different effects. Using watered-down tea to make a simple paint/stain can create paintings that play with light and dark shading. You can experiment with fruit teas, as well as the usual brown tea, to obtain different colors. Red-colored […]

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7 unique tea bag art installations!

Tea Bag paint

Art knows no boundaries. A small collective of tea lovers and artists for years have experimented with mixing their two sole pleasures in life, drinking tea and creating magnificent artworks & the result is “tea bag art”. Tea bag art can be defined as an art form which either employs the tea bag as a medium or […]

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Tea Tip Wednesday

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