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Chai Smoked Chicken Broth Recipe

tea smoked chicken broth

When it comes to foodies, the more exotic the better. There are sometimes though when you just need a good ol’ fashioned pick me up that is both nutritious and heartwarming in the same breath. That’s the time a pot stew, a broth or a soup is the one thing that will give you the […]

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When life gives you lemons, why not make lemon cakes?

Moist Tea Lemon Cakes

When life gives you lemons (and it is tea time) why not make lemon cakes? Tea time needs to be fun and tasty, especially if you’re entertaining. So here’s a super easy and quick way to entertain and impress your guests with a bite size treat that is high in flavour and sophistication. Suitable for […]

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5 ways to cook with tea


Tea drinking is one of the subcontinent’s most enduring traditions. But tea can be used for so many other purposes. From an astringent to heal nicks and cuts, to a solvent for paint and even as a headache and stress reliever. What you probably least expected tea to be used in, is cooking. While Indian […]

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A three step guide to the perfect cucumber sandwich.

cucumber tea sandwiches

Tea time is the perfect time to indulge in this lovely little treat. An English staple, the cucumber sandwich is a venerable institution at a high tea. Here’s the simplest possible way to make the perfect open cucumber sandwich. The ingredients: 6 slices of white bread (cut into circles with a cookie cutter) 100 grams […]

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Christmas time baking that’s perfect for tea time, all year round…

baked treats

Ah Christmas! The very mention of this time will make you salivate. Your mind taken back to the time when your home was just full of festive smells. The cookies, the gingerbread men and of course the ever present Yule log. What if you could keep the Christmissy feeling with you all year round, because […]

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Green Tea Ice Cream

how to make

Green tea ice cream is a popular ice cream flavour and it isn’t hard to see why; it tastes great. This recipe does not need an ice cream machine but you can certainly make use of one if this assists.

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4 Quick Macaroni Dishes


On this World Macaroni day , we present to you 4 Dishes that you can make at home and give your taste buds a treat. These brilliantly simple and comforting dishes are packed with the rich, cheesy flavor that will please both the kids and adults in the family. 

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Your Favorite Crisps Flavor Can Reveal Your Personality


CHEESE and onion or salt and vinegar? Think carefully because the answer could be more important than you think.

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5 breakfast hacks for a quick morning meal.


Mornings can be tough especially if you’re not an early riser. At times like these you could use a quick breakfast. We’ve assembled a collection of useful breakfast hacks from easy peasy scrambled eggs to on the go breakfast bars, so read on. 1. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave. This breakfast hack is so […]

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The Big Chill – Cranberry-citrus punch by Mansi


Ingredients 1 qt.  (4 cups) cold reduced-caloriecranberry juice cocktail 1 cup  cold orange juice 1 Tbsp.  fresh lime juice 3/4 cup  COUNTRY TIME Lemonade or Pink Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix 3 cups  cold club soda 2 oranges, sliced 2 limes, sliced Preparation MIX first 4 ingredients in large glass or plastic pitcher; stir until mix is dissolved. REFRIGERATE until ready to serve. STIR in club soda and […]

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