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4 Cool Things To Do This Weekend

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Thank God It’s Friday,  after the crazy stress and hard work of the week , it is only apt that you enjoy your weekend by doing new and unique things. So what’s the most happening thing to do this weekend? Here is our roundup of 4 cool things to do this weekend.

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My Trademark Glue Bracelet


It’s the monsoon season and we know you love to spend some time at home. Considering that, we have jotted down few pointers that will definitely help you to make good use of the idle time that you have. Make your own Bracelet with 3 things. That is right; all you need is 3 essential […]

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5 Astonishing Uses of Tea Bags

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We can attribute the invention of the amazing tea bag to our inherently lazy human nature. If it wasn’t for those people, who instead of opening their bag of tea, dunked it directly into their tea cups we would possibly still be stuck in the dark ages of brewing tea. And if other enterprising people hadn’t […]

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5 cool things to do this weekend


Thank God it’s Friday. After the crazy deadlines of the week it’s only fitting that the two fastest passing days of the week be spent in doing things way more productive than working. So what does this weekend have in store for you? Here’s our roundup of 5 cool things to do this weekend. 1. […]

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10 life experiences you’ll never want to miss!

mount raimora

When life falls into a routine, it becomes boring. No not boring, stale, pathetic, totally fruitless. It’s best at these times to sit down and make a bucket list of things you want to do, places you want to see and people you want to meet. So we have  made a little bucket list of 10 […]

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7 clever ways to really make use of tea!


You may think tea isn’t useful beyond what it was intended for, that is to be an elixir to cure the soul. But surprisingly tea can be used for a handful of things from cooling sunburned skin to relieving tired eyes. Here’s 7 clever ways to really make use of tea!   1. Reduce Razor Burn   […]

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7 Day Challenge: New Things to Try Every Day This Week

  Making a change and sticking to it long enough to make a habit. This is where most of us get stuck and almost always give up on things, which takes us back to the same old routine of the daily grub. So here’s what we’re going to do at the Tea Society at Society […]

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A Tea Story: The Black Horse and the Brown Brew

  Last week, the 7th of February to be specific, I got to attend a tea workshop by certified Tea Sommelier Snigdha Binjola, at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai. And in that session, I was re-introduced to the wonderful beverage called tea. Snigdha specializes in creating signature hand-blended teas. She runs Tea Trunk, […]

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Top 5 destinations for the best tea experiences


Tea, a beverage simple in constitution but powerful in the way it brings people together. Tea lovers all over the world recognize the nuances in a simple cup of tea. If you’ve ever stopped at a chai tapri, you’re not a stranger to the conversation and friendship a cup of chai invokes. Such is the […]

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