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Make Your Valentine’s Gift Special With This String Art


String art are a brilliant way to put your creativity to use and is probably a lot simpler than some of the other hobbies one could occupy oneself with. String art as one can imagine from the name is to create beautiful art projects with threads and colourful strings. This basically involves you striking a […]

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16 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas

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The gifting season is just around the corner, so we have decided to curate some of the most interesting and creative gifting ideas that you use for any occasion. These quick and unique ideas will not only brighten up your day but will bring a smile on the face of the taker as well. So […]

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My Trademark Glue Bracelet


It’s the monsoon season and we know you love to spend some time at home. Considering that, we have jotted down few pointers that will definitely help you to make good use of the idle time that you have. Make your own Bracelet with 3 things. That is right; all you need is 3 essential […]

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7 easy to make Handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by expressing your feelings to the one you love. So why not express this special feeling by surprising your loved ones with a handmade gift. Whether you want to surprise your mate, attract a potential new one, or simply impress your friends and co-workers, handmade gifts always feel more intimate. […]

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Tea Tips: Painting with tea


Tea is a natural pigment that can be used to stain paper and some material to create different effects. Using watered-down tea to make a simple paint/stain can create paintings that play with light and dark shading. You can experiment with fruit teas, as well as the usual brown tea, to obtain different colors. Red-colored […]

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7 unique tea bag art installations!

Tea Bag paint

Art knows no boundaries. A small collective of tea lovers and artists for years have experimented with mixing their two sole pleasures in life, drinking tea and creating magnificent artworks & the result is “tea bag art”. Tea bag art can be defined as an art form which either employs the tea bag as a medium or […]

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