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Myth or Fact: Does dunking your tea bag actually make the tea steep faster?


It’s a common misconception that dunking your tea bag actually makes the tea steep faster. Now, chemist Matt Harbowy has proof that in fact, it doesn’t. Over a series of experiments, Harbowy determined that dunking your tea is actually not faster than just leaving it at the bottom of the cup. Here’s what he says, “Within statistical […]

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5 breakfast hacks for a quick morning meal.


Mornings can be tough especially if you’re not an early riser. At times like these you could use a quick breakfast. We’ve assembled a collection of useful breakfast hacks from easy peasy scrambled eggs to on the go breakfast bars, so read on. 1. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave. This breakfast hack is so […]

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World Music Day with Chaiwala Sessions


Society Tea began its musical journey with Chaiwala Sessions, 3 months ago and ever since then, the platform has crossed 42,000 views and has had more than its share of brilliant musicians from the indie circuit in India. We started way back in March, with Mumbai based pop rock band Spud In The Box who […]

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Spots to enjoy a picnic in Mumbai.


Every day should be a picnic, shouldn’t it? Alas, routine takes over and work prevents most of us from spending quality time with our family and friends. Today on the sacred occasion of International Picnic Day, we implore you, pack a hamper full of treats and set off into the sun with your loved ones.  […]

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Bring Breakfast Back!


      You know the drill. You wake up each morning, you sneak a peak at the clock, you shriek and rush to have a quick cup of tea while trying to slip on those jeans & in the mad rush completely forget about breakfast. Yes, that all important meal that many of us […]

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Society Tea Quick 5: Favorite monsoon trekking destinations


This week, 5 trekkers give us their personal favorite places to trek in the rains.     Who: Ananda Govekar Where: Sandhan Valley Why: The thrill of crossing a 2km long deep valley, 3 rappelling patches and camping the night near a natural water pond. When: 15th – 16th June, 2013 More Info: Mumbai Travellers […]

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Teaspoons of Wisdom by Society Tea

Henry Ford

      Supercharge your day with these teaspoons of wisdom we’ve made with love for all our fans. Hang them on your wall for everyday inspiration or grab a glance when you’re enjoying your cuppa. These posters are free of cost, but there’s just one teeny tiny thing you need to do to download […]

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The Big Chill – Cranberry-citrus punch by Mansi


Ingredients 1 qt.  (4 cups) cold reduced-caloriecranberry juice cocktail 1 cup  cold orange juice 1 Tbsp.  fresh lime juice 3/4 cup  COUNTRY TIME Lemonade or Pink Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix 3 cups  cold club soda 2 oranges, sliced 2 limes, sliced Preparation MIX first 4 ingredients in large glass or plastic pitcher; stir until mix is dissolved. REFRIGERATE until ready to serve. STIR in club soda and […]

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Society Tip: 5 amateur steps to make your food photos look pro.

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When was the last time you were out with friends and tried to snap up a picture of that delicious tiramisu you just had with a cup of tea, only to find out that the end result was not as glorious as you’d hoped it would be? Food photography is an art that isn’t all […]

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How to – Rain Dance


The not so familiar smell of wet dirt is a welcome relief from this season. One we wish doesn’t go away any time soon. The rains might have reared their head, but they still aren’t strong enough for us to go completely nuts. We need a shower, rain gods!! The Native Americans apparently had a dance […]

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