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Who is Anubha Bhat?


Routine bogs us all down. When faced with the choice of doing things that matter to us, we come up with novel excuses like “I’m worn out”, ”it’s been a long day”, “well, that’s what the weekends are for” and so on. But that’s what this initiative is about changing. A rebooting of this attitude. […]

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Announcing the launch of the “Brand New Day” initiative


Somewhere in our daily race against hyper-urgent, mind-numbing routines and unending, pointless deadlines, we seem to have missed the woods for the trees. The pursuit of happiness has degenerated into a pursuit. Period. The running-behind has superseded the goal itself to define our aspiration in life. The thrill of the roller-coaster has been replaced by […]

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A Brand New Day at a Brand New Blog


When was the last time you felt really alive? Like really really alive! The excitement of starting something new. The sense of accomplishment. That spare moment to sit down, relax and reflect and then grab the day! We often forget this in our mad rush everyday. We forget every morning that a new day has […]

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