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Harshad interviews an entrepreneur


Harshad: Hi Sampad, let’s get you introduced first – you are the co-founder of a company called Wanamo that later became Deals and You, a big booming business from a small idea. You’re an engineer/MBA by education and an entrepreneur at heart. Anything I’m missing? Sampad: Nope. Harshad: What was the point when you knew […]

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Mahafreed interviews a photo journalist

Uma with Camera

She’s one of the few female news photographers in a male-dominated field. Uma Kadam has been a photojournalist for 10 years now. I caught up with her one evening over some chai (she can’t live without a cuppa) and nashta in the canteen… and interviewed her… Mahafreed: What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken? Uma: […]

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Anubha interviews a UX engineer


An engineering (IIT Bombay) dropout by choice and a successful UX engineer, with over 6 years of experience talks about how things worked for him in the industry and how he got so far. Meet Praveen Kumar. Anubha: So what is UX development all about? Praveen: UX development is mainly about building prototypes and testable […]

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Harshad gets himself some Potpourri with a little help from friends


Working at my desk for endless hours, coding software can get boring pretty quickly. So I have little squishy balls, a Rubik’s cube and also a cute little gecko made out of cotton fabric and filled with sand! So, quite obviously, finding something new for my desk was a slightly challenging. In situations like this, […]

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Anubha gets herself an induction plate

P 1

Buy something new for your home/work desk Remember how I was cribbing about not getting to make my own chai?? Society Tea just solved all my problems.. Not only do I get to make my own cup of tea every morning, I get to cook whatever I want to!! For the day’s theme, they told […]

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Kristopher gifts himself a laughing Buddha


It’s been a while since I’ve received any gift. So I decided to gift myself something. This one laughing Buddha caught my eye in a corner of a gift shop. It reminded me of one my aunt had gifted us when she returned from Nepal. I must have been about 10 years old then. Since […]

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Mahafreed picks up a pair of artsy coasters


I’ve used the strangest things for coasters, like torn paper, old CDs and what not. I remember this one time, I used some paper as a coaster and later realised it was the copy I was supposed to proof and show the editor! I knew then that I needed coasters. It’s pretty easy to find […]

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Kristopher visits a new place

2012-04-10 13.27.23

I love some of the quaint places in South Bombay, but don’t get too many opportunities to try them out. Over the years, I have covered a fair number of them, even as I discover new highly-recommended places. Gaylord’s cafe is one place that I’ve wanted to go to ever since a friend recommended it […]

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Anubha visits a new place

chai 5

I was in Bangalore for the weekend, for a friend’s wedding, and had planned to meet a Twitter-friend while I was there. The night before we were to meet, we found ourselves searching online for good tea places and stumbled upon “Chai Patty”’ at Koramangala. Once you enter the website, the thing that instantly intrigues […]

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Harshad visits a new place

Harshad visits a new place 2

It’s funny when I think about it, a little sad too – that I have been living in Mumbai for the past eight months, have been traveling here often, yet I have rarely been to any beaches. A few months ago I got the chance to visit Bandra Fort, thanks to a bunch of enthusiastic […]

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