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Kristopher puts his tools on leave

Most people think of me as a phone addict. But what they don’t realize is that I love switching off and disconnecting once in a while. However, these days, due to the marvel of technology, even the remotest of places have cellphone coverage. Until I heard of this village, “Dhena”. It’s barely 35km from a […]

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Mahafreed puts her tools on leave

Being a journalist, any mode of transport is a tool for me. But cabs are for lazy Mahafreed. I usually take them when I haven’t planned my day well. So I decided not to take a cab and use my feet to walk from office to home. I enjoy walking. And walking in South Mumbai is a […]

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Harshad puts his tools on leave

Today I let my tools rest. I parted –and painfully too –from my cameras for a day. I often photograph everything different that I see around me. My cameras are often used and, if nothing else, I tend to use my phone’s camera to click photos through the day. Yes, of course, I use the […]

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Kristopher revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

I always loved to read. When I was in school, I was a voracious reader. I would read so much that my life revolved around reading. I loved fiction as well as non-fiction. In fact, I read almost half of my school’s library during those years. As a child, my only entertainment I enjoyed was […]

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Anubha revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

They say resolutions are meant to be broken. But sticking to them once in a while gives you a small sense of achievement. All through my life, I have always been a “nocturnal” person. I am as awake as an owl during the night and consequently, end up staying in bed late into the morning. […]

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Mahafreed revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

So the sax has been lying in its box forever. I mean, I was gifted a saxophone after I went on begging for one and then finally, when it came… I played it… for a while… a few days… maybe weeks and put it back in the box. So the plan was to play the […]

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Harshad revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

Today was an interesting day. I called up people whom I have not called in ages and reconnect with them. First concerns were simply – what do I talk about? I swallowed the bitter pill and started rummaging through my contact list to target people. I found a familiar name, an old friend –i hit […]

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Anubha catches up with an old friend

Welcome to a Brand New Day! We ring in this new week with the first of our ten themes, ‘Catching up with an old friend‘. Anubha met her friend Aditi over a cup of tea & the duo hit it off just like old times. Here’s what she had to say. A day before I […]

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Harshad catches up with an old friend

One fine day, a voice from a nostalgic past calls me up and says “Dude, let’s catch up”. No guy declines a buddy’s call to catch up, especially if the friendship goes back long and deep. Samir already had a plan ready –“Let’s visit Girgaum chowpatty and have ‘Milkmade Gola’.” I have never been to […]

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Mahafreed catches up with an old friend

I rarely get time to hang out with friends because of work. But I’m slowly realising the importance of ‘hanging out’ as I get older. No use wasting your life in office. It’s always nice to meet an old friend and just sit and talk about random things. So I met this friend of mine […]

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