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Anubha revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

They say resolutions are meant to be broken. But sticking to them once in a while gives you a small sense of achievement. All through my life, I have always been a “nocturnal” person. I am as awake as an owl during the night and consequently, end up staying in bed late into the morning. […]

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Mahafreed revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

So the sax has been lying in its box forever. I mean, I was gifted a saxophone after I went on begging for one and then finally, when it came… I played it… for a while… a few days… maybe weeks and put it back in the box. So the plan was to play the […]

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Harshad revists some old New Year’s Resolutions

Today was an interesting day. I called up people whom I have not called in ages and reconnect with them. First concerns were simply – what do I talk about? I swallowed the bitter pill and started rummaging through my contact list to target people. I found a familiar name, an old friend –i hit […]

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Anubha catches up with an old friend

Welcome to a Brand New Day! We ring in this new week with the first of our ten themes, ‘Catching up with an old friend‘. Anubha met her friend Aditi over a cup of tea & the duo hit it off just like old times. Here’s what she had to say. A day before I […]

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Harshad catches up with an old friend

One fine day, a voice from a nostalgic past calls me up and says “Dude, let’s catch up”. No guy declines a buddy’s call to catch up, especially if the friendship goes back long and deep. Samir already had a plan ready –“Let’s visit Girgaum chowpatty and have ‘Milkmade Gola’.” I have never been to […]

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Mahafreed catches up with an old friend

I rarely get time to hang out with friends because of work. But I’m slowly realising the importance of ‘hanging out’ as I get older. No use wasting your life in office. It’s always nice to meet an old friend and just sit and talk about random things. So I met this friend of mine […]

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Kristopher catches up with an old friend

My friend Myron and I both love to travel, and yet we have been so busy during the last 4 years, that we have not traveled together even once. We have known each other for over 12 years, and used to travel together a lot earlier, way back since when we were in college. So […]

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Who is Kristopher?

Rounding up our quartet of tea lovers who believe in choosing fun and new experiences over the boring routine is Kristopher Noronha. Kristopher is an investment banker by profession, but that does not stop him from taking long weekend trips on his trusty steed armed with backpack, tent et al, ready to face the challenges […]

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Who is Mahafreed?

Along with Harshad and Anubha, the third member of our campaign, who believes in seizing the day come rain or shine, is Mahafreed Irani. Mahafreed calls herself an angry young woman. A journalist by profession, she enjoys traveling, even if it entails only a short trip from South Bombay to a distant suburb. She loves […]

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Who is Harshad Sharma?

Following up on our previous participant, Anubha, meet another young individual who believes in making each day count. He too does not believe in cluttering his life with the mundane at the cost of living his dreams. Meet Harshad Sharma. Harshad is an entrepreneur-cum-photographer-cum-programmer-cum-biker-cum-… But for all his divergent passions, he doesn’t believe in labels. […]

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