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7 perfect points to slip in a sip of tea

Truth being told there isn’t an occasion where a tea junkie can’t have a cup of fine tea. But there are occasions and places where if one slips in a cup of tea, it makes all the difference in the world with feelings amplified. giphy (4)


Here are 7 situations where one can enjoy a cup of tea the most:
  1. The Morning Cup– Let’s start with the basic. A day that starts with a morning cup of simmered hot tea is a day spent well. Whether it’s before departing for work, college or just an early morning, nothing rejuvenates your senses like tea.
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2. The Workplace– It’s the place where we spend a huge chunk of the day. One of the places where      our mind functions the most and technically meant to exhaust. And the engine can keep rolling if it receives a good amount of fuel. And that’s what we have tea for at the workplace.


3. The First Date– Excited about knowing the person sitting on the opposite side of the table. Tea is a good conversation starter and while offering a cup you might as well find out their taste in beverage.


4. The Journey– When you have a knack for travelling and adore going to places beyond the lines. A cup of tea at halts, at milestones and junctions does what it’s supposed to, to keep you going on the journey ahead.


5. Casual Brew– Hanging out with friends for hours and hours with a proper plan or just a random outing. Slipping in a cup of tea to share with your buddies is an overwhelming feeling altogether.


6. Office Meeting– Let the minutes of the meeting flow smoothly and the agenda of the same come out strong with a few cups of hot tea residing on the table

7. Blissful evening A sky full of grey clouds with a cold, moist breeze or an orange splash of  warm evening, standing by the window, soothing your soul with a warm cup of tea is how a fine day meets its conclusion. giphy (3)





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