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5 types of tea for every mood

“Round food for every mood!”

This quote by Chandler Bing from the hit show “FRIENDS” may effectively sum up doughnuts, bagels and POLO, but when it comes to tea, it is farthest away from the truth. You know that tea can do a whole lot of good, from getting rid of acne scars, to calming anxiety and even making your dark circles go away. But the one most important function of tea, and especially in the Indian context, is as a mood-enhancer. Think about the number of scenes in Bollywood films where a cup of chai, makes or breaks a ‘rishtaa’. Or where of an older gentleman reminisces about his glory days with mates over a ‘cutting’.

Tea is such an inherent part of our lives, that we sometimes take its wonderful benefits for granted. Scientists and tea lovers around the world have been working up a list of teas that are best drunk at a particular time of day, or when you’re feeling a particular way, because they believe that the inherent properties of that particular type of tea can really enhance or sedate the emotion or mood in question. So here’s a quick ready reckoner of the 5 types of tea for every mood.

  • Stressed, anxious, angry, peeved, miffed, downright stark raving nuts.

Chamomile & Lemongrass

Tea blend: Chamomile or Lemongrass: According to an independent research,any negative emotion can be soothed with a tea blend containing chamomile and/or lemongrass. The essential oils in this type of infusion really help the system calm down and destress. When you’re stressed or angry, your heart rate can climb with consummate ease and this is a condition called tachycardia. The best way to lower heart rate, chamomile tea is proven to be a relaxant and instantly enables a sense of well being and calm.


  • Happy, positive, vibrant, full of life.

Society Tea
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Tea blend: Spicy and sweet with aromatic ingredients: Another way of saying masala chai, a positive mood can greatly be enhanced by this ubiquitous Indian staple. Ginger, cardamom and other aromatics used to flavour good old strong, black tea, contain powerful chemicals that are known to promote positivity and the generation of such wonderful hormones like serotonin. So the next time you’re feeling happy, and you want to really prolong the sensation, you know what to do.

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  • Sluggish, tired, sloppy and exhausted.

Green tea

Tea Blend: Green Tea: Life has a tendency of kicking you unexpectedly sometimes. Stress and lack of sleep can really make you feel completely sluggish, tired, sloppy and exhausted. A really good fix for this is Green Tea. A single mug of green tea contains 1/3rd the caffeine in coffee or energy drinks, but enough flavonoids and antioxidants to knock the life back into a cricket team! So the next time you’re feeling low and in the dumps at work, reach into your stash of green tea bags, rather than a Red Bull.

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  • Productive, high on motivation, charged up.

Peppermint tea


Tea blend: Peppermint tea: When you really need to bring your A-game at that make or break pitch, or on appraisal day, sip on some peppermint tea. Two things will result from this, for starters, it will rid you of any tiredness, without injecting too much caffeine into your system. Secondly, you will feel any stress simply melt away, and your worries take a back seat. To add to that peppermint freshens your breath, so there’s pearly white, minty fresh breath at your disposal too (if you ever need it!)


  • Restful, sleepy, need to get some shuteye.


Tea blend: A calming blend of lemon balm, mint, fennel, licorice and flowers: Ever had that feeling that you’re dog tired, but sleep simply doesn’t come? Tried counting sheep, warm milk and all other home remedies, and still your eyelids refuse to shut? Rush into the kitchen and whip up some mild tea. add a little lemon balm, a few sprigs of mint, some handy fennel seeds, a whip of licorice, and some aromatic petals, all of these ingredients have mild sedative properties, and the resultant brew will put your lights out, without unnecessary medications.


We hope that this list of teas will suit your moods and enhance the one’s you really want to. As always let us know your feedback in the comments below. Until next time, drink tea, live free.




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