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5 reasons why Monsoon is the best period for Tea Junkies

Monsoon arrives with the most ambivalent feeling in all the residents of Mumbai. At one hand, you have cold, moist weather to die for and on the other hand, you have heavy traffic, canceled trains and wet roads to actually kill you.

Nevertheless, the monsoons have always been a time to cherish for all the tea junkies. Here are 5 reasons why –




1. Weather – Dark clouds, cold air and the soothing showers are one fine blend to turn long steady hours into moments full of merriment. And to add another notch of gaiety to this mix, a hot cup of tea sipped by the window or under the shed, out in the open, is everything that one can ask for.




2. Vibes – It’s funny how simple things in life happening at the right moment can uplift your mood to the sky. Monsoon does the same with its simplicity and pureness. The warmth of the teacup on your lips and the coldness of the breeze on your cheek, the smell of the damp mud gushing in your nose and the unexpected showers keep your spirits high till the last drop touches the ground.




3. Food – There is something about monsoon that amplifies the essence of food by an exceptional extent. Be it the freshly cooked pakodas in the kitchen or the hot samosas by the roadside stall, the freshness in the clean air escalates the flavor to another level. And a fine cup of tea beside these delicacies is another word for ‘PERFECTION’.  




4. Indoor treats – Taking a day off from work to enjoy a misty day with your better half or alone, snuggling in your bed with your favorite movie/show on screen and a tea cup on the side table is what one calls heaven in small amounts.5.


Rain Mersa Matruh Mountains The Downpour


5. Outdoor treats – Hill stations are a soulful treat in most weathers and in monsoon you get to see the most relaxing side of the place. Be it camp base or resorts, a monsoon stay in the hilly regions is a must for all tea junkies to sip their favorite drink while admiring the place’s scenic beauty.  









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