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5 perfect monsoon camping spots in and around Mumbai

You don’t have to look for anything anymore. Here’s the perfect list.

Monsoon is here and we can’t have enough of it already. There are countless ways to enjoy the monsoon, to each it’s own, and one of the most prominent is monsoon camping.

If you live in or around Mumbai and keen enough to camp in the cool rainy weather then these are the perfect spots for a memorable adventure-

  • Pawana Lake [Lonavala]

Just 7 kms away from the Lonavala, the campsite can be reached by trekking or a jeep ride. It offers a visual treat in terms of rocky structures in the green valley forests and an widespread plateau for camping activities. There are also some adventurous activities to pet your adrenalin rush and delicious delicacies to relish and it all falls under a decent budget.

  • Rockface Camp

A salubrious hill station located in the Pune region of Maharashtra, the campsite is overwhelmed with sightseeing spots. With a touch of bygone era, it known for its captivating hills and forts.

  • Kolad Camp

Looking for pure & raw adventure? White water rafting in the rains at Kolad is the best adventure sports to thrill you to your bone. It also has many historic sites for sightseeing. The Kundalika river that flows through the rugged terrain offers a good opportunity to enjoy rafting for beginners.

  • Wai Camp

Situated right in the midst of the beauty of nature, at the foothills of Kate’s point, you can be a part of an array of camping activities in Wai. Cycling, kayaking, barring trail and so much more can be enjoyed even during the months of monsoon. Experiencing the profound lush greenery enveloping the hills simply overwhelms your heart with high spirits.

  • Tikona Hillview Camping

Away from tourist stay ins and close to Pawna lake, it is is the place that is meant for splendid solitude. A small trek to Tikona fort is easy and thrilling enough to give you camping kicks. At the top of it, you can see variant caves, temples, water tanks, etc. It offers some of the most amazing picturesque views of Sahyadris and the forts around.





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