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Monthly Archives: July 2017

A teapot with 2 spouts

  As weird as it sounds, it has been there and functional for ages.   Ever had guests over who had a different preference when it came to tea? The dilemma between which of the two types to brew? Well, that may not be an issue any longer.   With a two-spouted teapot, you could […]

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Have you ever heard of Fried Rice Green Tea?

Yes, you heard it right. You can now have Fried Rice Green Tea. If you look around, you will at least find one thing astonishing enough to blow your mind. Humans are surprising and the things they make are even surprising, one should just have an eye to find it. One such thing is Fried […]

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5 perfect monsoon camping spots in and around Mumbai

You don’t have to look for anything anymore. Here’s the perfect list. Monsoon is here and we can’t have enough of it already. There are countless ways to enjoy the monsoon, to each it’s own, and one of the most prominent is monsoon camping. If you live in or around Mumbai and keen enough to […]

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