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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Chaiwala Sessions with The Circus.

We’ve always been of the opinion that tea breaks are the most productive time one can have in a day. A cup of chai lubricates the mind, spurs conversations and breaks the monotony of the day. Chaiwala Sessions is our ode to tea time. In collaboration with NH7 we handpick artists who we feel can make […]

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Instant Cool: Mango Iced Tea Recipe

It’s Mango season time and the King of Fruits is sure to be on everyone’s grocery list. So it’s only sweet justice that it has a mix and match with the King of Beverages. Yeah we’re talking Mango Iced Tea. A simple sounding mixture but one which is potent enough in taking the heat head on. Try […]

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5 reasons to watch Chaiwala Sessions now!

If you haven’t heard of Chaiwala Sessions yet, boy do we have a treat for you! We got 5 highly compelling reasons for you to give Chaiwala Sessions a watch, so read on. Reason #1 The Atmosphere The chai tapri is a place where friends go to chat and talk about their life over a […]

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Instant Treats: Ginger Peach Iced Tea Popsicles

It’s that time of the year again when the mercury hits an all time high & if you like sipping those hot refreshing cups of chai you might want to consider some cooler options. We scoured the web to find you a decadently delightful treat which is easy to make and is bound to keep […]

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