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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The health benefits of Herbal Tea – Infographic

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How to brew the perfect cup of Darjeeling Tea?

West Bengal, India happens to be the birthplace of a tea that is often hailed as the champagne of teas. But what makes Darjeeling Tea so special? The floral aroma, musky spiciness and full bodied flavor for a start! However, if not properly brewed one may miss out on the different flavors of this tea. […]

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5 Astonishing Uses of Tea Bags

We can attribute the invention of the amazing tea bag to our inherently lazy human nature. If it wasn’t for those people, who instead of opening their bag of tea, dunked it directly into their tea cups we would possibly still be stuck in the dark ages of brewing tea. And if other enterprising people hadn’t […]

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10 handpicked quotes on tea!

Start your brand new day with these quotes on tea. We have handpicked them, some for your amusement and some for serious reflection. If you connect with any quote do leave us a comment below. 1. When people are upset the cultural convention is to bring them a hot beverage – Sheldon Cooper   2. “Remember the […]

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A visual recipe: How to make Masala Chai Ice Cream

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10 tea accessories worth drooling over

The internet is a goldmine of information. It also happens to be a place where you can find the most unique, bizarre and sometimes downright crazy things if you know where to look. Here we have compiled a list of 10 tea accessories worth drooling over. Don’t blame us if you have a strong craving […]

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5 pressing questions the Mars Curiosity Rover should answer

On Monday, the Mars Curiosity Rover arrived in its entire six legged splendor on the Planet Mars. What welcomed her, and for the purposes of this article let’s assume it’s her, was a vast Martian desert. The first photos she sent out from space gave the world a glimpse into the confounded terrain of the […]

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Animals in a tea cup

What’s cuter than a tea cup? Animals in a tea cup, that’s what! If you thought the tea cup had only one use, you’re terribly mistaken, try putting a kitten or two in it & you’d be surprised.In this photo showcase, we chronicle such tea cup cuteness which will make you go awwwww!  We promise. […]

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