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Monthly Archives: June 2012

7 clever ways to really make use of tea!

You may think tea isn’t useful beyond what it was intended for, that is to be an elixir to cure the soul. But surprisingly tea can be used for a handful of things from cooling sunburned skin to relieving tired eyes. Here’s 7 clever ways to really make use of tea!   1. Reduce Razor Burn   […]

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10 rain songs you’d have to be deaf not to have listened to.

It’s the rains playing hide and seek with us again. The scorching heat instead has kept us sticky in its wake. Historically, Native American tribes used to perform elaborate rituals to appease the rain gods. Their rituals used to involve lots of dancing and chanting to the god’s above. It appears that we must appease […]

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10 ways to make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day

This Sunday, the world will celebrate a day which isn’t merely as marketable as good old Mother’s Day, but is probably just as important as it. All of us in some small manner or the other look up to our father. He is a flawed human being, one with mistakes and delusions, one with rage […]

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