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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Who is Kristopher?

Rounding up our quartet of tea lovers who believe in choosing fun and new experiences over the boring routine is Kristopher Noronha. Kristopher is an investment banker by profession, but that does not stop him from taking long weekend trips on his trusty steed armed with backpack, tent et al, ready to face the challenges […]

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Who is Mahafreed?

Along with Harshad and Anubha, the third member of our campaign, who believes in seizing the day come rain or shine, is Mahafreed Irani. Mahafreed calls herself an angry young woman. A journalist by profession, she enjoys traveling, even if it entails only a short trip from South Bombay to a distant suburb. She loves […]

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Who is Harshad Sharma?

Following up on our previous participant, Anubha, meet another young individual who believes in making each day count. He too does not believe in cluttering his life with the mundane at the cost of living his dreams. Meet Harshad Sharma. Harshad is an entrepreneur-cum-photographer-cum-programmer-cum-biker-cum-… But for all his divergent passions, he doesn’t believe in labels. […]

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Who is Anubha Bhat?

Routine bogs us all down. When faced with the choice of doing things that matter to us, we come up with novel excuses like “I’m worn out”, ”it’s been a long day”, “well, that’s what the weekends are for” and so on. But that’s what this initiative is about changing. A rebooting of this attitude. […]

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Announcing the launch of the “Brand New Day” initiative

Somewhere in our daily race against hyper-urgent, mind-numbing routines and unending, pointless deadlines, we seem to have missed the woods for the trees. The pursuit of happiness has degenerated into a pursuit. Period. The running-behind has superseded the goal itself to define our aspiration in life. The thrill of the roller-coaster has been replaced by […]

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Top 5 ways to accessorize your tea drinking experience

There are lots of ways to enjoy a good cuppa tea. Unfortunately most of us are too busy to sit back, relax and let the liquid seep into our very being. Which is why, we thought we’ll present you with some amazing accessories to make your tea drinking experience noteworthy, everyday. Be aware though that […]

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7 Day Challenge: New Things to Try Every Day This Week

  Making a change and sticking to it long enough to make a habit. This is where most of us get stuck and almost always give up on things, which takes us back to the same old routine of the daily grub. So here’s what we’re going to do at the Tea Society at Society […]

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A Tea Story: The Black Horse and the Brown Brew

  Last week, the 7th of February to be specific, I got to attend a tea workshop by certified Tea Sommelier Snigdha Binjola, at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai. And in that session, I was re-introduced to the wonderful beverage called tea. Snigdha specializes in creating signature hand-blended teas. She runs Tea Trunk, […]

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Top 5 destinations for the best tea experiences

Tea, a beverage simple in constitution but powerful in the way it brings people together. Tea lovers all over the world recognize the nuances in a simple cup of tea. If you’ve ever stopped at a chai tapri, you’re not a stranger to the conversation and friendship a cup of chai invokes. Such is the […]

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From the lush greenery of India’s hilly tea estates, a pleasant journey began over 75 years ago. From the doors of Hasmukhrai & Co, established and acknowledged master tea blenders in India since 1933, our long tea journey has taken Society from the initial tea bush to the tea cup. Distinctively packed, Society consists of […]

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