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15 glorious tea infusers to spice up your tea time!

Tea time is all about taking a break, and unwinding. Tea parties are probably among the most chilled out times you can spend with family and friend, tea infusers can also add a dose of mirth and quirk to the setting, as these 15 insane and quirky tea infusers will demonstrate.

1. The Jaws tea infuser

You may have heard of a storm in a teacup, but with this infuser handy, you will instantly think of a shark in the brew!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

2. The Polar bear tea infuser

Cute, cuddly and vicious all in one go, the polar bear inspires both dread and awww, all in one breath. This tea infuser is a tribute to the sentinel of the tundra!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

3. The rubber ducky tea infuser

Ah, the rubber ducky! A bath time staple (albeit for those of us with a bathtub!) Here’s the yellow rubber avian invading your teacup!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

4. The Tardis Tea Infuser

This one’s a double whammy for fans of the world’s longest running sci-fi show Dr. Who. The Tardis inspired call box tea infuser is sure to get fans and other more than excited!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

5. The Mr. Roboto Tea Infuser

Domo Arrigato, Disco Roboto. Cute, geeky and oh so desirable! The Mr. Roboto tea infuser is both instantly cute and ever so fun!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

6. The Death Star Tea Infuser

“Good, this cup of tea is,” every fan of Star Wars will exclaim. We have a feeling that this is the way in which Darth Vader enjoys his morning cuppa!

Image Credit – hiconsumption.com

7. The Tea-Tanic Tea Infuser

Rose and Jack’s immortal romance may have sunk having hit an iceberg, but with this ‘Titanic’ inspired tea infuser in your morning cuppa, your romance with your favourite beverage isn’t cooling off, any time soon!

Image Credit – hiconsumption.com

8. The 40 Licks Tea Infuser

This one’s a tie between Rolling Stones and KISS fans. The iconic lips and tongue imagery has been claimed by both Hall of Fame rock bands, but we simply love how cheeky it looks!

Image Credit – hiconsumption.com

9. The Froggy Tea Infuser

Whether you were a Kermit fan as a kid, or simply love the delicacy from France, this froggy tea infuser is sure to have you smiling from ear-to-ear in no time!

Image Credit – hongkiat.com

10. The Tea Pot Tea Infuser

Think of this infuser as an analogy for the film ‘Inception’, a teapot inside a teapot, dispensing tea. Trippy, isn’t it?

Image Credit – architecturendesign.net

11. Candy Cane Tea Infuser

We imagine, Mrs. Claus bringing out piping hot mugs of tea to good ole Santa with this infuser crowning said mug, each and every single time!

Image Credit – architecturendesign.net

12. The Tea-Shirt Tea Infuser

Rather more exciting than a wet t-shirt contest on a hot day, this tea infuser does get a million points for being supremely tongue-in-cheek!

Image Credit – www.bagusengros.dk

13. The Excalibur Tea Infuser

Legend has it that King Arthur’s legendary broadsword, ‘Excalibur’ was handed to him from the depths of a lake. This tea infuser turns the tale on its hilt, quite literally!

Image Credit – architecturendesign.net

14. The Water Lily Floating Tea Infuser:

Tea is often used as an analogy for inner peace, so is the water lily, combine the two and you have the perfectly balanced cuppa!

Image Credit – hongkiat.com

15. The Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Beatles fans rejoice, here’s something even the Fab4 would never resist. Groovy man!

Image Credit – earthporm.com

We hope you liked our selection of the most glorius tea infusers ever. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




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