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10 simple yet powerful ways to supercharge your tea break!

Tea Break. Two words that are instantly associated with that time of day when you leave all work aside and dedicatedly take a few swigs of your favourite hot beverage and watch the world go by. What if, there was a way where this time didn’t just mean taking time off, but making you super productive too? Well here are ten ways that the 15 minute tea break could be utilised to supercharge your day and make you even more productive.


  1. Supercharge your tea


Instead of sipping on sweet, warm tea, replace your 4 P.M. cuppa with a flavonoid packed cup of green tea. If you want to make it more flavourful, consider adding some honey (raw honey, is less sweet and is known to combat stress and fatigue). Add a bit of mango pulp or puree and some lemonade for a delightful concoction that will energise and refresh your body and mind, no matter how long your day may be.

  1. Meditate









Studies have shown that meditation every day at a fixed time can boost an individual’s productivity. Think about it as tuning up your mind, simply adding 5 minutes of meditation, seated in an upright position at your desk and clearing your mind of all stresses, will make you infinitely calmer and more prepared to face the rest of the day.


  1. Take a walk:


Let’s face it, most of us are seated almost the entire day, chained to our computers. Simply disconnecting yourself from the computer for at least the 15 minutes of your tea break will give your sore muscles a much needed endorphin boost, facilitated by the walk. A brisk walk, even in the compound of your office, will allow better circulation, increase the pumping capacity of your heart and calm you down more effectively.


  1. A light snack:



Most of us make the classic mistake of combining our tea break with a heavy snack. Instead of going for deep fried pakoras or samosas, switch to a lighter snack, like sliced fruits which will help satiate your hunger for longer. This kind of snack is also easier on your system and will digest a lot easier, without leaving you feeling bloated, heavy or sleepy.


  1. Indulge in some easy listening music:


Pick a radio station that plays adult contemporary or jazz (or whatever you like listening to) and lose yourself to the music. This ensures that your mind is relaxed and will actually make you more productive by enabling you to concentrate better. Studies have shown that the human mind can process information and performs tasks better when exposed to music.


  1. Make a to-do list:
















Your tea break is not just a time to tune off work, but also a time to take stock of the day’s work. Making a mental (or better still a written) to-do list will help you prioritise the things that need to be done, in order of importance. A to-do list is an excellent way of keeping track of your progress and making sure things get done.


  1. Have that important conversation:


During the stresses and strains of the day, it is easy to have matters that slip your attention. It could be a conversation about a presentation with your teammates, an unresolved conflict with a co-worker or simply a phone call to your loved ones. Each one of these conversations need to be had in a calm, peaceful, non-confrontational manner and what better time to have the same, than over a quick cuppa?


  1. Have a laugh:


Whether you get it by watching a clip of your favourite comic on YouTube, or following the funnies in the newspaper, make it a point to laugh during your tea break. Laughter releases the endorphin serotonin, that is the feel good hormone, that lets you feel more comfortable, receptive and of course stress free. These things in turn affect your performance during the day.


  1. Make plans:


Your tea break is the ideal time to plan your vacation. Here’s why, for starters it is legitimately your time of the day. Secondly making plans, puts a picture of calm and serenity in your minds. How this affects your work, well… it relaxes you, and a relaxed person (without any stresses) is a more productive person.


  1. Take a power nap:


Sleeping at work can make you more productive. A simple 10 minute power nap is known to make a person several times sharper, more focused and creative. So around your next tea break simply take the time to doze off for a short and rejuvenating power nap.


We hope that these simple and easy life hacks will enable you harness the full potential of your tea break. Do let us know about your own secrets to supercharge your tea break in the comments section below.



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