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5 Apps To Increase Your Work Productivity

If you’re looking to increase your workday productivity, the smartphone in your pocket can help you in leaps and bounds.There has been a huge influx in the mobile app world and some apps can help you ease the stress of everyday life.

These apps help you to perform some basic simple things like to maintain your to-do list to a complex function of allowing you remote access to your computer.


Wunderlist is a free app that will help you manage your daily tasks. It acts as a digital to-do list. The app is not just for lists, but also setting reminders, making notes and sharing events


Evernote is another popular app that can be helpful for a wide variety of professionals. It seamlessly syncs your your personal notes across devices. The app is capable of working with audio notes and photos as well.


Asana is another great way for team members to stay on the same page. Through the app, teams can create a shared task list, and assign items on the list to individuals. List managers can prioritize items. The mobile app allows collaborators to edit the list in realtime.


Mint is commonly used to track personal finances, but it can also be quite useful for professionals, particularly freelancers. It’s a great way to chronicle business expenses for reimbursement purposes, and to list as deductions come tax time.


LogMeIn features mobile apps that allow you to access your computer’s desktop through your smartphone. Not only can you view documents, but you can launch applications as well.

That’s all folks, did we leave out some of your favourite work-day apps?Let us know in the comment section below and have a productive day.Cheers!

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