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10 ways to make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day

This Sunday, the world will celebrate a day which isn’t merely as marketable as good old Mother’s Day, but is probably just as important as it. All of us in some small manner or the other look up to our father. He is a flawed human being, one with mistakes and delusions, one with rage and love and a binding sense of duty. But there has always been that strange relationship between father and child that takes all but one look to absolve. It’s an awkward relationship for most at best but a relationship that is stronger than any. They say boys flock to their mothers while girls flock to their father’s and while those generalizations may be alright, it doesn’t change the fact, that boy or girl, both look up to their father with respect.

That’s why Father’s Day may just be one of the most important days in this month’s calendar. Why is it so important you ask? Well think of it this way. We are too used to being cooped up in a room with our family members, them doing things for us mostly, that we fail to grasp that we just don’t say thank you enough. Well these days are there to remind us to say Thank You. So here’s 10 ways to make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day.

# 10

Give him a tight hug

Father’s are not the guys you go to for a hug. But even they need the warmth from time to time (pun intended). So when you start your Sunday, go to your dad, plant a kiss on his cheek and give him a tight hug. It will surprise him but he won’t recoil in horror. We promise you.

# 9

Call his friends over for a session of Beer & the Euro’s How many times have you spent your Sunday nights with friends catching up or watching a movie? Well imagine the surprise on your dad’s face when you call over his best buds & organize a chilled out night for him. Not only will he appreciate the thought but it will also give him some time away from regular household duties.

# 8

Be there
That’s it. Don’t go anywhere, cancel all appointments. Let your friends miss you and your japes this Sunday. Stay close and monitor everything your dad does (just kidding). Sometimes it’s important to just be with your family on all special occasions & there are seldom fewer special then this.
# 7

Buy him some clothes

Okay, this one’s a personal top 10, but if I can generalize for a second, most dad’s end up recycling their old clothes until there are visible tears everywhere. Well you don’t have to do this one thing only on Father’s Day, but it’s a good day to make a practice of it, don’t you think.

# 6

Make him feel nostalgic

Who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia from time to time? My father loves catching up on some nice Konkani songs from time to time. Others may like watching some nice old Chaplin or Raj Kapoor movies. Where you can hardly go wrong however is by staging a nice little screening of your Mom & Dad’s wedding. It’s sure to bring a tear to their eyes.

# 5

Challenge him to a match

Most dads are interested in sports, some in football, and some in basketball, some in badminton while some in table tennis. Please don’t play cricket with him. Challenge him to a game & let him win, lest he may surprise you.

# 4

Make him a gift

If you’re as lazy as I am, you would be thinking, that’s not up my alley. Well it just so happens that it is. All you have to do is make him a simple card. Write your heart out & make him cry! That’s right or if you’d prefer there are plenty of DIY tutorials on the net which should help you make some lovely gifts for him.

# 3

Burn him a CD

Select your favorite tracks and his in a 30/70 ratio & make a beautiful cover with your baby snaps and gift it to him. It’s something he will remember for the rest of his life but beware as you may not be able to top the awesomeness of this gift next year.

# 2

Sing songs together as a family

I’ll tell you this is the most therapeutic of the list. There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned sing song. Not only does it help everyone unwind but it’s also a nice way to connect with the family.

# 1

Make a cup of tea for him
I admit this may seem like a marketing gimmick, but it’s sincerely not! It’s just a beautiful gesture to serve him a beverage because you only serve the ones you love. Think about the times your mom & dad have served you, cooked for you, cleaned for you. It’s the least you can do & that’s why it tops our list

We wish all daddies a Happy Father’s Day!



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